About Us:

Bolt Photo has been providing some of the best sports photography since 2000. We have photographed local, regional and national events in youth sports, motocross and ATV racing.

We have the ability to bring the photo lab to your event or tournament. We have the staff, equipment and training to provide a lasting reminder of the event. We catch the action to illustrate the athleticism, passion and intensity that athletes bring to the game.

We saw a need to bring professional images to the amateur and youth sports back in 2000. We started shooting soccer and baseball and then progressed to shooting MX racing at local tracks. Soon we were invited to shoot regional tracks in more states and later invited to shoot national events in Pennsylvania and Ohio. Our images have been used in national magazines and local media. We take pride in producing quality images that bring memories for families.

We capture the images of today so that you will have memories for tomorrow!