Baseball & Softball

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Making contact is just the beginning to become a great hitter and it starts even when hitting off the tee.

Sticking the tongue out probably won't help but in this sequence of shots he did make the play.

Hand-eye concentraion is key in making contact with the ball.

Youthful players still trying to learn teamwork by putting as many bodies as possible on a loose groundball.

A Davie League Girls softball player covers a bunt and makes the throw to get the runner going to second base.

Action from the Coastal Plain League, a Gastonia Grizzlie player makes the throw to first, during a recent game against Martinsville Mustangs.

The baseball action shot was from a game between the Martinsville Mustangs and the Gastonia Grizzlies. These two teams play in the Coastal Plain League. The Grizzlie player watches as his ball misses going out of the park by only a few feet making the third out of the inning.