Motorcycle Racing

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Riders showing how they torque their bodies to gain an advantage on their competition at Jacksonville MX Park and Lake Sugar Tree MX.

Jim Neese easily clears the uphill triple jump at the AMA track at Rolling Hills Cycle Park facility. Jim teaches rider development, check him out at

Suzuki rider chases down the Honda as they clear the jump at a Loretta Lynn Qualifier.

Rider #33 creates a whirlwind dust storm going through the berm at the AMA sanctioned event at the Rolling Hills facility located in Reidsville, NC.

The youth rider blurs the competition at Loretta Lynn Youth Regional Qualifier.

Hanging on to the end this rider shows full commitment to racing. This youth rider managed to dust himself off and finished the moto in 8th place at the L.L. Youth Regional Qualifier in south-central Virginia.

Riders showing the variations of jumping styles at a recent MX race in south-central Virginia.